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Rumours of Summer

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Rumours of Summer is my first solo cd
– a collection of eleven songs that I like to describe as
“part-social landscape, part-imagining”.

Listen to some of the tracks on Myspace.
You can also buy the tracks and hear samples at CD BABY and iTunes

Available from Birdland Records, Level 4, 428 George Street, Sydney

Rumours of Summer CD cover

Rumours of Summer is a new album of eleven new songs inspired in the main by living “with the sea in my dreams” as Tony Gorman put it in his clarinet piece of the same name.   That’s possibly the only unifying force – the style and subject matters vary quite dramatically from song to song.

Performed by some of the country’s most respected jazz musicians, the songs don’t really fit the exact mold of any particular genre, but are influenced by jazz, folk and traditional music as well as a lifetime of listening to great songwriters from the last hundred years.  I’m also greatly influenced by writers of prose and poetry.  Writers who have directly influenced songs on the album include Oodgeroo Nunuccal, Keri Hulme, Paul Bowles and Carson McCullers.  

Some of the songs have been around for quite a few years.  Thanks to Jimmy Webb’s wonderful book “Songwriting”, a bunch of friends started a songwriting group to meet regularly and critique each others’ new work.  Tony Eardley’s fine album “Desire Lines” came out of this time, as did some of the songs on “Rumours of Summer”.

The songs were brought to life in two longish sessions in 2011 at Humph Hall, with Chloe and Jason Roweth expertly recording each song and lending encouragement and much enthusiasm along the way.  Musicians dropped in at various times to record and share a meal and some stories.  Making the album was a complete joy from start to finish and I am extremely grateful to all involved for their beautiful and generous contributions.

I am playing gigs at various festivals, folk clubs and other venues with various line-ups, including with Christine Wheeler on vocals and whistles, and also at various times with Jess Dunn and Tim Watts who both play double bass.


Some comments about “Rumours of Summer”:

“ ... totally gob-smacked at the breadth of her imagination, her fearless approach to tune writing with her bold use of changes in time and key signatures, and her confronting range of moods and subjects ... It’s a stunning collection and – given the maturity of the song-writing – it is hard to believe this is a debut album.”
- Cornstalk Gazette

“From the first few chords of the highly dramatic title track opening, you know "Rumours Of Summer", Australian singer-songwriter Christina Mimmocchi's debut album is going to be that little bit different and a little bit special. It more than meets both criteria.”
- Fatea Magazine (UK)

“An excellent selection and some wonderful arrangements - musical barriers deserve to come tumbling down if the result is enjoyable.”
- Warren Fahey

You can purchase a copy of the cd here or download the album or individual tracks on iTunes.

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