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Sing Cockatoo
Sing Cockatoo is an a cappella singing weekend held in the intriguing surrounds of the World Heritage –listed Cockatoo Island (20 minutes on the ferry but an world unto itself).  The weekend was first held in 2010.  Visit for information and photos.

SingIn 2010 the weekend was run by Christina Mimmocchi, Christine Wheeler, Tom Bridges and Rob Maxwell-Jones.  Fifty-two people came together to sing songs about the colourful history of the island (Indigenous, convict, industrial, reform school for wayward girls).  There is no shortage of history to draw on in such surrounds, and a number of songs were written or adapted especially for the occasion.  The weekend was exciting way for history and present culture to come together in an exciting way and culminated in a series of free performances around the island.  The adventure also included a ghost tour, a gluttony of sausages, an informal Saturday night sing, sleeping under canvas and waking to the sounds of frenzied seagulls, making friends and comparing notes on just how one copes with camping in torrential rain.

Photos courtesy of David Joyce and Danni Townsend

Sing Sing

Sing Sing

Sing Sing Cockatoo

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