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Why sing in Harmony?
People have been singing their lives since time immemorial.  In our modern and busy  lives, too few opportunities present themselves to take part in music making.  Community choirs are good outlets for singing your heart out, meeting like-minded people, learning new music and being part of a community.  It has been medically proven that singing in harmony with other people is good for physical and mental well-being.  And other than that, it’s just plain fun.

The Spots

Christina leads various choirs around Sydney including Darlo After Dark (for the Darlington Public School community) and the newly formed University of NSW staff choir.  She runs choirs which meet up and perform occasionally, such as The Sydney Women’s Vocal Orchestra, and Choir on a Wire (the songs of Leonard Cohen) and also runs one-off choir workshops in nearby and far-flung places.  She has conducted massed-choirs on Cockatoo Island and at the National Folk Festival, and has also led festival choirs at Cobargo and Illawarra folk festivals. Contact Christina if you would like a singing workshop run in your community.

Christina leads choirs who meet regularly such as The Spots (Wednesday nights, Randwick, no auditions, all welcome), choirs who meet up and perform occasionallyand  one-off choir workshops around Sydney and further afield.if you are interested in joining The Spots or would like a workshop run in your community.

Christina is a member of the UK-based Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network and has recently run workshops for the following:

  • Simply Voices (Blacktown Seniors’ Choir)
  • St Albans Dirt Road Choir
  • Voices from the Waters in Berowra

She has also taught around the country and overseas as part of the vocal ensembles Blindman’s Holiday (through Musica Viva) and Touchwood.

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