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About Christina
Christina’s musical offerings include working with grass-roots choirs (including The Spots, Choir on a Wire
a tribute to Leonard Cohen, and the Sydney Women’s Vocal Orchestra who sings the music arranged in secret in POW camps in Sumatra during WWII); writing for, singing and touring with vocal harmony trios including Blindman’s Holiday and Touchwood, co-producing recordings for her own groups and others, and now performing her own songs solo and in good company of other musicians. 

She was the holder of the National Folk Fellowship in 2009-10 and during that year unearthed songs from the National Library of Australia’s folklore and oral history archives and arranged them for a massed choir at the 2010 National Folk Festival.  With Pam Davis she organizes Sing Cockatoo, an annual a cappella singing weekend event which celebrates the rich history of the island, and songs about actual and metaphorical islands, through song.

Christina Mimmocchi

photo: Beverley Veasey     [Click here for a high res image of Christina]

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